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1 Sep, 2019 Blog

Why we experienced that new set of people come to life after every mahadasha period. Is it really true?

Yes, it is true. it happened with everyone.

The reason is Planets also have their own attraction. For example, Venus is comfortable with Saturn.

Mars is comfortable with Sun.

When mahadasha start for Venus then it will attract with friendly nature people with Saturn.

Again depend on planets how it reflects in ur Kundli.

This is also considered when matching Kundli what is our moon nakshatra. are people compatible? If their state of mind doesn't match how they will face up and down of life together.

Marriage life is partnership b/w two people to survive in even up and down of life.

Some time problems bring us close to each other some times it apart each other away.

Suppose your moon sign lord is Sun in and another person moon sign is Saturn now. Both people state of mind might be different. Again I have not considered here nakshatra and position of planets otherwise I would not able to complete this topic.

Please - note again it is very generic, we have only 12 moon sign. I am just trying to explain very basic things. Those 9 planets and their 27 nakshatras in different 12 houses make a lot of many combinations. so don’t start estimating people on those basic things. 😄