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10 august, 2019 Blog

Maraka and Badhaka planets in Vedic astrology

Maraka and Badhaka planets in Vedic astrology

Maraka- “Maraka” means “Inauspicious” and it can produce results like a death.
Maraka is not only limited to death or health. It can provide inauspicious results, which can be similar to death.
Just as, 12th house is loss of ascendant.
Similarly, 7th house is 12th/loss of 8th house(Age), therefore 7th house is considered as the house of death. (Marak-Markesh).

3rd house is also the house of Age. Because it is 8th from the 8th house.
So, 2nd house is the 12th/loss of 3rd house (death), therefore 2nd house and its lord are considered as Marak-Markesh.

Badhaka- A planet that creates obstacles or interruptions in specific field is called "Badhaka". The obstruction which is being caused by a planet who is the lord of Badhak sign or house. Badhaka sign, house & planet are different for different ascendants. However, we should only calculate from signs. See the examples below;
1. For Movable sign 11th house’s sign/lord is Badhaka.
2. For fixed signs 9th house’s sign/lord is Badhaka.
3. For Dual signs 7th house’s sign/lord is Badhaka.

Maraka - For an Aries ascendant, Venus is strong Maraka as it owns both 2nd & 7th (Maraka) houses.
Badhaka - Aquarius/Saturn is Badhaka for Aries ascendant. Therefore, such a Saturn can give trouble if he makes any connections with Mercury (6th lord). The period of Mars-Saturn will not favorable too.

If malefic becomes badhaka planet and bhdaka planet has negative aspects and conjunctions it will give more obstructions compared
If Bhadekesha planet is in Ascendant or Ascendant lord in Bhdakasthana then problems are self-created.

The cancellation of Bhadaka to some extent when Bhadhka planet goes into 12th house.

Keep in mind, Badhaka or Badhkesh is not only for the ascendant. It should be seen for each house as each sign/house has a particular Badhaka sign/planet which obstructs it.

10 august, 2019 Blog