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13 jan 2020 Blog

Which is more powerful, yogas in Kundli or getting correct Dasha?

Yogas in Kundli or getting correct Dasha… which is more powerful? - Good question This is a hundred Doller question and always confusion in our mind at the beginning of astrology 😊 If there is much Yoga in Kundli but if you are not getting correct Dasha of that planet at the correct time in life there is no benefits of those yogas they are like nothing. IF there is one small yoga and if you are getting required Dasha at the correct time in life you may get be a royal life and huge success. Because many and many horoscopes have raja yogas, and hardly one of them becomes a celebrity or gets very high success in life and this happens due to as they never undergo required Dasha in their horoscope. Even the small help of others never goes waste, and destiny rewards surely. So planetary Dasha which deliver result of karma, if past life had big positive karma then planetary Dasha will reward big success, if karma is overall average then planetary Dasha will be overall average and if karma was too bad planetary Dasha will teach you lesson and will give pain, pain and pain and son on…., so right Good planetary Maha Dasha can do wonder. So remember one rule - nothing comes before or after time...!!! it is fixed. Life is the best teacher. So never afraid of challenges. Dasha of a debilitated planet just a symbol of struggle and hard work. A benefic debilitated planet always gives you success in last. It is a fixed rule and keeps in mind. And if it is vergottam debilitated then it could impact strongly. If suppose Dasha of the debilitated planet coming to an early age in life it may give struggle in childhood and it may give you challenges to learn a lesson from the life If Maha Dasha lord and Antar Dasha lord both are debilitated then it could be more struggle A combination of malefic planets Dasha gives some times bad results. The planet having lordship of 6th, 8th and 12th can give some time hardship Sometimes results strongly happen when Dasha of any planets and Dasha of their star-lord are in conjunction or overlapping of Dasha this is a time it gives sure shot results. Malefic aspects of the malefic planet can reduce the power of yoga so it’s important that yoga karaka should be away from malefic Retrograde planets are very strong can give very impacting results. If Dasha of a planet is a promising event and transition of that planet also supports that even then what to say the quality of the result is very good. If there are many raja yogas are available in a birth chart and Maha Dasha is also coming but not delivering the promised result and this may happen because transit is missing on that particular point. But remember Transit can’t give you which Dasha is not promising and Dasha can’t give you which your horoscope is not promising. In Astrology planets are just delivering rewards of your karma, J J So that means still destiny is in your hand. J J No matter how worse life you are living if time starts favoring you so it will recover everything and when time starts acting negatively even kings become a slave. If you don’t perform good karma don’t worry time will come when your good or bad account balance of past karma will be finished you will start reaping fruits of current karma. So the time has no friend, it’s just delivering rewards of your karma. My dear friend makes sure you are conscious about your karma and impacting many people's life positively and all Dasha will be good 😊.

10 jan 2020