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What is the effect of Rahu in the sixth house

13 jan 2020 Blog

What is the effect of Rahu in the sixth house and Ketu in the 12th house for a Taurus ascendant?

See It’s not good. It’s actually very very good. 😉

See how it is good.

Rahu is a planet who want to get materialistic gain. He want always more and more.

And now what is 6th house ?

6th house in Vedic Astrology is mostly associated with health and well-being.

Your capacity to work hard and strength is also ruled by sixth house.

Sixth house in astrology also for obstacles, debts, difficulties, and enemies and the ability to overcome these and win over opposition.

Rahu will help here to give you ability to overcome these and win over opposition.

Ketu is a planet who gives detachment .

And what is 12th house it’s loss of everything. But when we loose every things that’s create a detachment and leads to spiritual enlightenment and moksha.

12th house in Vedic Astrology, it is the last house completes the life-cycle and shows the endings.

It is a very important house concerning spiritual liberation, Detachment ,renunciation , moksha , loss of identification.

When you loose your identification you are close to God.

जब मैं था तब हरि नहीं अब हरि है मैं नाहीं ।

प्रेम गली अति सांकरी जामें दो न समाहीं ॥

जब तक मन में अहंकार था तब तक ईश्वर का साक्षात्कार न हुआ, जब अहंकार (अहम) समाप्त हुआ तभी प्रभु मिले

As long as there was ego in mind, We are not able to realize existence of God , when the ego ended, then only could realize God

12th house in astrology represents Moksha, when you are free from the endless cycle of birth and death, mystery of material life.

Detachment is a very powerful thing. Ketu works best here. Hence 12th is the BEST house

A good 12th house can give enough money to do charity.

Rahu and Saturn conjunction being both very malefic can give very good results in malefic house - that is 6th.

Rahu and Saturn for Libra it give immense results. As Saturn is a yoga karaka and Rahu is giving double power.

See it could be any conjunction and results may very with planets associated.

And yes nakshtra also matters.

But malefic with malefic conjunction with malefic Rahu in malefic house ( 6th house) can give immense results

Jupiter and Ketu conjunction in 12th house and being both benefice and spiritual can give spiritual liberation.

and not only Jupiter conjunction with other planets of Ketu could change the spiritual journey of native but still end is to see Detachment ,renunciation , moksha , loss of identification and realize the purpose of life.

10 august, 2019