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Are these rituals compulsory or man made?

10 august, 2019 Blog

Are these rituals compulsory or man made?

I understand the deepness in question you asked and respect this.

Some time in life this situation is just about to start a new journey.

Some time in life we have many conflicts in our mind it is a must to understand these illusions and take the right decision and understand the purpose of our life. This is the time and opportunity to get transformation in our life.

The contradiction of thoughts in life some time simple a new opportunity to make a new turn in life. This is how it happened even in my life.

Although everyone and one broad purpose of life are to love unconditionally God and attain moksha.

But sometimes our birth chart helps us to understand the drama going on in our life. some time simply we are too close to our destiny but could not get this just because of the contradiction of thoughts and again caught into the drama of this life.

As per my understanding, our purpose in life is to understand life in our way understands the purpose of our life.

It may be different for the individual but ultimately it is GOD to achieve salvation. but Still, the journey of each soul is different.

Someone achieves it through love, some through devotion or maybe some through renunciation but the aim is the same. journey depends upon our karma and what lesson life wants to teach us.

Once we understand and get this teaching and surrender it. No matter how maybe love, devotion or maybe through renunciation. Once one chapter is over we move on to new lessons and complete all chapters one by one and we are close to the purpose.

However as far as rituals are concerns some time they meaningless, empty of content and without any purpose if they are made of someone just for his selfishness.

Some time rituals meaning full and full of content and they are made with a purpose in order to make you must-have realization and they are very important for spirituality.

But still, I would say one rule doesn’t apply everywhere. So see what rituals is purposeful for you. Accept this one and discard another one.

I can see nowadays most of the rituals are meaningless and made by human out of selfless. Meaning full rituals should be full of love unconditionally. so I don’t advise any to follow until it comes from your inside.

Maybe it is required for someone to go forest and do sadhana and don’t need family etc. it may be a lesson and learning for him as per his destiny.

But on the other hand for someone else, it is a must to perform duty towards his parents, wife or friend, etc and make them love unconditionally without any selfishness.

So it may vary from person to person, rituals to rituals. One rule doesn’t apply everywhere.

Dear, I would say we could achieve our purpose of life even in this materialistic world You don’t need to run from this.

Follow your deep inner voice inside you when you are feeling depressed, unhappy, heartbroken and unable to move on.

Sometimes those Maya thoughts are so clever you are not able to make even the right decision. But you have to trust and make the decision. It is the one decision that can make you close to your destiny.

प्रारब्ध पहले रचा, पीछे रचा शरीर ।

तुलसी चिन्ता क्यो करे, भज ले श्री रघुबीर

10 august, 2019