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Sample Birth Chart Analysis

10 august, 2019 Blog

Sample Birth Chart Analysis

What's are planet responsible for carrier in Acting Lets analyse a sample chart of person who is in struggling actor in cinema (See below ) The main planet for acting skills is Mercury. The planet for communication, intelligence and memory. Mercury should be connected to second house of face / voice — mercury in native birth chart is lord of second and 5th house and placed in ascendant 1st house in nakshtra of moon (moon in 11th house)- very positive for acting.

Third house is for communication- Moon is lord of 3rd house placed in 11th. (it is 9th house from 3rd) It's good for Gain. 11th house of gains to get money. Native may get fame in mahadash of moon Making Acting a profession, it should connect to 10th house of profession — 10th house lord Saturn is placed 2nd house which is house of mercury. All required combinations are in Native chart.

Venus is the second major planet associated with acting; it gives beautiful face or body, refined taste and glamorous look. Acting requires Mercury as well as Venus support. Venus alone can make you a model but not a good actor while Mercury alone can make you an acclaimed actor. Now Venus lord of 1st and 6th house also placed in mercury house 2nd house. IT making a connection b/w mercury and Venus. Sun is lord of 4th house sun is exalted in 12 th house — Exalted sun is excellent for fame and confidence which is required for actor. Other planets responsible for a good acting career are Moon, Rahu and Mars — Mars in 10th house, this is house of profession.moon on 11th house. Native will get gain through this profession.

Mars gives the will power to pursue and enhances the creativity. Jupiter and moon looking at 5th house with 7th eye — very good for acting. So overall main houses responsible for acting are the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 10th House, where the 1st house represents personality; the 3rd house represents communication and performing arts, the 5th house represents entertainment and cinema, the 7th House represents masses and stage performance whereas the 10th is the career house and the house of fame. The 11th House too is important as it represents the fulfillment of desires and gains. Therefore the planets in these houses and the Lords of these houses need to be strong in order to have an acting career. This chart have all possibilities to earn though acting.

10 august, 2019