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13, january 2020 Blog

What are the powerful yogas for spiritual enlightenment in astrology?

Ok so let’s make it simple. Otherwise, it’s a long topic and a lot of yogas…😉

So the ultimate purpose of spirituality is Moksha.

Even if no one has any astrological combination there is one and one simple rule if you follow it’s definitely it will take you on the way of Moksha.

That is the law of karma. Make sure your karma doesn’t hurt anybody and make it by remembering God. It may be unconditional love, renunciation or devotion. But it should be free from materialistic desire. It may be looks foolish initially and people may think you fool in terms of materialistic success but later you know what’s the results …..😄

However, Guru + Ketu or Guru + Ketu + Moon is a strong combination for moksha

Guru is for knowledge

Moon is for mind

Ketu is for detachment.

And Moksha is only and only possible when we do our karma with a detachment of fruit by our action. In order to avoid karmic bondage of karma, it is a must to detach your self with the expectation to get something in return. That’s why Ketu involvement is must in a combination to look in a birth chart

And yes knowledge is a must which provided by Jupiter. There are chances that you do some deeds in ignorance and caught again bandage of krama so it is a must to have the knowledge and you understand karma reaction. So Jupiter placement very much required for spiritual enlightenment.

Now see the journey of moksha can not be easy.

मन के हारे हार है

मन के जीते जीत

So what is मन- it is Moon.

How it is possible to complete a long journey which is full of so many mental challenges, it needs a strong mental balance required to complete this journey. So the placement of strong moon matters. So Jupiter and Moon's conjunction bring great results in this journey.

Apart from that placement of ascendent is much required. Ultimately it is ascendent that has to go through in this journey. So strong ascendant and correct placement of ascendent is required. A Benefic Atma Karak or exalted Atma Karak will help with this.

The 12th house in the chart tells us how many births the soul has to take and life after death.

So 12th house is very important for spiritual enlightenment in astrology.

And 8th house is for transformation.

So 8th and 12th house is having much importance for spiritual enlightenment in astrology.

Sun is for our Soul. Our soul should be devoted to this and should be pure. So the placement of Sun matters.

Jupiter, Moon, Sun, Ketu are the planets that indicate the level of spirituality.

Jupiter is the most important in all. Its abundance of spirituality.

encourages the practice of karma with a detachment that will over time take you to deep concentration ( 8th house) and ultimately to moksha 12 house...

10 jan, 2020